notes: chapter 3; entitled "fun"


1. to introduce metal objects as the new medium

2. to experiment with metal on the body 

lead image: chapter 3 campaign, 2014

The 3rd FBF Metal Atelier chapter was a  re-introduction of Friday's metal based work, containing more depth within the object's concept and creative direction as she began to utilize her work to tell personal anecdotes. The idea to create metal for the body derived from her longtime love for the material (via her father's influence as a metalsmith) and medieval chainmail armor worn in films.

Photographed by fellow Guyanese Artist, Melinda Griffith, the two conceptualized an idea that embodied a calm day in the west indies with a tasteful color palette.

chapter 3

audio, 2014

chapter 3 campaign credits

creative direction by Friday Lynton @grlfridayy + Melinda Griffith @false.ripe

photography by Melinda Griffith @false.ripe

grl: Shay Gomez @chinesefunk

location: Coney Island, Brooklyn NY

chapter 8 bts imagery

by Friday Lynton @grlfridayy

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