notes: chapter 4; entitled "finesse"


1. to produce a micro collection of metal objects via the Atelier 

2. to highlight the current + significant influence that trap music imagery

lead image: chapter 4 campaign, 2015

The 4th FBF Metal Atelier chapter was an experiment all on its own; introducing a concept that derived from Friday's fascination with the creative direction of trap music videos and the imagery that they encompassed. Along with fellow artist Levi, the two conceptualized a visual story that provided clips from their very own video treatment.

This Atelier chapter introduced Shelly Isabel- Model, Artist and Bio-Designer. Shelly will continue on to become a yearly collaborator and creative force within the Atelier.

chapter 4

audio, 2015

chapter 4 campaign credits

creative direction by Levi @luckylevi + Friday Lynton @grlfridayy

photography by Renell M.

grls: Shelly Isabel @shellyisabel + Joie @joie.dior

location: Bushwick, Brooklyn NY

"LINC", 2015

by Levi @luckylevi for FBF Metal Atelier Chapter 5 Iconography

chapter 5 Metal Objects

location: Brooklyn NY

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