notes: chapter 5; entitled "female"


1. to examine the concept of femininity and how it relates to the metal

2. to conceptualize new metal objects for the Atelier's portfolio

lead image: chapter 5 campaign, 2016

fbf metal atelier

The 5th FBF Metal Atelier chapter was quite an introspective one; the Artist began an intense study of the female form and how it relates to her existence. This was during a time when she was determined to dissect the idea of "femininity" to discover every aspect of how it defined her work and existence as an artist. 

chapter 5

audio, 2016

chapter 5 campaign credits

creative direction by Friday Lynton @grlfridayy

photography by Adrienne Raquel 

grls: Rocio @rociomarie__ + Kudyba + Blue @mamacreep  

wardrobe styling: Tiffany Shalawn @tiffanyshalawn

makeup artist: Kimberlina Jolie @kimberlinajolie

hair conceptualist: Geneva @nirvanadesigns__

location: Brooklyn, NY

fbf metal atelier
fbf metal atelier

chapter 5 bts imagery

fbf metal atelier
fbf metal atelier