notes: chapter 7; entitled "found?"


1. to reflect on the past while being optimistic about the future

2. to conceptualize new metal objects for the Atelier's portfolio

lead image: chapter 7 campaign, 2018

The 7th FBF Metal Atelier chapter was somewhat of a reflective body of work for the Artist. Free from the darkness of the previous chapter, she's left with the task of reevaluating who she was as a creator, which lead to a rebirth of her creativity. This chapter introduces Visual Artist + Photographer (Dee Williams) to the Atelier as Director of Photography and lead collaborator. Dee's soul shifting work was a defiant part of the Atelier's visual transformation as it progressed.

An intense color of red bled through the story, showing up within the metal work and the Atelier's 2018 Exhibition "RED ROOM".

chapter 7

audio, 2018

chapter 7 campaign credits

creative direction by Friday Lynton @grlfridayy

photography by Dee Williams @hideexdee

grl: Precious @fresh.presh

wardrobe conceptualist: Arielle Nelson @arieeelle_

location: Brownsville, Brooklyn NY

"RED ROOM", 2018

@ Holyrad Studio (Brooklyn) @holyrad_studio 

The "RED ROOM" Live Exhibit displayed the Artist as a born again figure who emerged from a metal shaped egg to re-discover her art form.

"RED ROOM" (2018), Photograph by Azikiwe @_azikiwe_

chapter 7 Metal Objects

photography by Dee Williams @hideexdee

location: FBF Metal Atelier, Brooklyn NY

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