notes: chapter 8: friends


1. to produce 8 metal objects via the FBF Metal Atelier 

2. to highlight friends who have made a significant impact on the Creative     Director's creative + artistic journey

3. to conceptualize new metal objects for the brand's portfolio

lead image: chapter 8 campaign, 2019

The 8th FBF Metal Atelier chapter provides insight into the carefully selected array of friends who have impacted our Creative Director's personal + creative life over the course of her 8 year journey as an Artist.

Each friend will be photographed wearing a special Metal Object that has been created as a sole dedication to them,

with special attention to details that perfectly reflect their true personality and connection to the brand.

chapter 8

audio, 2019

friend profile #1

metal object: 'daishu's metal top' 

who: daishu washington @sportychicluv - visual art + set conceptualist

what: photographed by dee williams @hideexdee - photographer

where: brownsville, brooklyn- local guyanese shop

when: 2019

why: Daishu + Friday met while attending LIM College in NYC, bonded over an MLK Broadway play and later connected through their love for art & design.

Now, many years later, Daishu has created + build almost all of the FBF Metal Atelier sets for creative productions & beyond. 

details: 'daishu's metal top' contains the following:

  • a combination of multi colored metal rings utilized within Metal Objects from FBF Chapters 2-7

  • an estimated production time of 2 months + 1 day

  • aproximately 11,500 mixed metal rings

  • 3 mini sculptures 

chapter 8 campaign credits

creative direction by Friday Lynton @grlfridayy

photography by Dee Williams @hideexdee

featured friend Daishu Washington @sportychicluv

location: S&S Guyanese Produce Shop_Brownsville, Brooklyn NY

chapter 8 bts imagery

bts imagery by Friday Lynton @grlfridayy

location: S&S Guyanese Produce Shop_Brownsville, Brooklyn NY

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